Marketing an app- Tiber River Naturals

A prototype that I created for an app for Tiber River Naturals.

A prototype that I created for an app for Tiber River Naturals.

Tiber River app? Yup you betcha.

The Theme: Treat Yourself

The launch will be all about treating yourself. Tiber River would have promotional contests going on at the time of the launch for people to win gift certificates to Tiber River. We would have a sidewalk spa day in front of the Academy location that would have nail studios set out in the sun. You can come by and “treat yourself”. Also involved would be treats and snacks, to go with the trend. Planning for a summer launch, would have good summer treats like sorbet that goes with the colour scheme of the store and flavours that make you think relaxing. For example, Pina colada, sangria, and margarita. The Treat Yourself theme will give new clients a look into what Tiber River Naturals has to offer, and shows to people who are already customers why they should continue to go to Tiber River.

Key Messages:

  • An experience with Tiber River should always make you feel pampered
  • Tiber River values their customers- with events and promotions
  • Tiber River is all about convenience for the customer- with creating this app you have the convenience of buying products, and booking appointments right from your phone

Traditional Ads:

To reach the target audience we would use traditional ads on specific radio and television stations in the city. We would run ads during morning television on channels such as CTV. At this hour we expect many stay-at-home moms to be watching. This is a big part of our clientele, and by having these women see the ads we want them to share it with their friends, neighbours and even daughters. We would also advertise on local radio stations such as Virgin 103.1 where we expect young women to be listening and would play ads during drive times when people are in their cars eagerly listening. We would also puts ads in local publications, and give promotional pamphlets to local restaurants in and around both locations to help spread the word about the launch. We want one large billboard to be put on Academy near the Academy Road location that shows someone treating themselves laying on an island in the sun. We want this ad to pull people in and encourage people to visit Tiber River.

Social Media:

We will send out pitch releases to local television stations who have segments that would be a good place to feature Tiber River’s new app. We will invite ladies at the television station to come down for a free treatment and get the opportunity to see the new app first hand. We plan to use our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter) to do some promotional advertising. We will have a contest on both platforms where people will tweet and Instagram pictures with the has tag #treatyourself showing their favourite way to treat themselves. I would also like to go around to festivals and summer events handing out small samples of the Tiber River products. There will be a small slip attached to the product with a blurb about the launch of the app.

On the launch day of the app. We will have a first 25 people that download the app and make a purchase at Tiber River receive a free pedicure. We believe this incentive will push our target audience to want to use the app. Also when using the app on launch day you get an automatic 10 per cent off your first product, and incentive to get people to either by a treatment or product on that day.


The budget will for the promotion of the “Treat Yourself” app launch campaign will be approximately $5,000. We estimate that our highest cost will come from buying out ad space on a billboard. We think that the rest of the efforts in having the sidewalk spa day, with goodies included will also be a large chunk of the budget.

To take a look at my full prototype for the app check out this link:


Time to heat up your tea experience

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.12.14 PM

What: Magazine Trade Fair

Where: Red River College (Exchange District Campus)

Who: Hot Water

Time: 12-4pm


Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow afternoon at Red River College (Exchange District campus) there is going to be a magazine trade fair going on for my first year Creative Communications class. Hot Water is going to have their own booth set up tomorrow afternoon from 12-4pm in the atrium of the college. Hot water is a tea magazine that looks at everything tea related and the tea culture in Manitoba- as we say at Hot Water, it’s tea time in the prairies.

Like free tea? Like macaroons?

Well then your in luck, because we have that and much more. The Hot Water team is going to create a delightful experience of tea, treats, and good times. The Hot Water team has worked very hard these past few months to make a magazine that we are all very proud of.

Looking for an awesome way to kick off Easter long weekend?

Come spend the afternoon with Hot Water and support the launch of our spring issue!

Hot Water- A sweet proposal

Magazine Trade Fair Proposal- Hot Water

Taking a step back from sports with this post to show off a proposal I just completed for school. This Thursday we are putting on a magazine trade fair to showcase the magazines that we made. My magazine- Hot Water- looks at everything tea related and the tea culture in Manitoba. Enjoy!

The Importance of Role Models in Sports

A young fan at the Vancouver Canucks hockey game. Photo from

A young fan at the Vancouver Canucks hockey game. Photo from

There is something to be said about a young fan going to watch his favourite player. I was at the Winnipeg Jets game on Sunday evening, and in front of me was a young boy, maybe five years old. The boy… who was just the cutest.. was fully dressed in Chicago Blackhawks attire. From a miniature Jonathan Toews jersey, to a Blackhawks baseball cap, and a Blackhawks poster rolled up sitting on the ground in front of him. For all four of the goals that the Blackhawks scored in the game, each time he would jump from his seat and stand clapping watching his team on the ice. As I watched this little boy, it was evident to see the spark in his eye as he watched. He was in complete awe of Jonathan Toews and the Blackhawks.

It something like this that I think shows just how important it is for professional athletes to recognize the effect that they have on their fans… especially the young ones. To young fans these athletes are not just athletes but instead role models. If Sidney Crosby is wearing Reebok hockey gear, you can guarantee thousands of little boys and girls will do the same because it’s what their idol wears when he plays the game.

Andre Deveaux is the complete opposite of a role model. Instead he sets a terrible example for young kids to follow and is a disgrace to the game. I grew up with a brother and father who both played hockey, so naturally I took interest in the sport as soon as I could get on skates. To see a player do something so reckless during a hockey game makes me ashamed. Athletes need to realize the impact that they have on fans. Deveaux used his stick pretty much as a weapon on the ice attacking a player on the opposing team before a Swedish League game on Thursday.

Seeing this little boy on Sunday brought back memories of how much I would idolize my favourite players when I was small… heck I still idolize my favourite players. As a professional athlete it is your job to set a good example for the young kids that look up to you, in more ways then one. Every sports fan can think back to the one player that they looked up to as a child. If your gonna take the responsibility of a being a professional athlete then you should also take the responsibility for setting a good example for the young athletes of today.

The Final Stretch


Were almost there. Were so close to the best time of the year. Sure, days like today you can’t really picture summer, but it is definitely coming. Similarly we’ve almost reached the end of the NHL regular season. After yesterdays games it is very evident just how close this final stretch is going to be. Luckily my favourite team is sitting in good position in the east, so I am not feeling too much pressure in these last two weeks. But for the five teams in the west that are within five points of one another it is going to be interesting to see how everything plays out.

I love this final last two weeks of the regular season. The regular season ends on the 11th which leaves most teams with 7-10 games remaining. This is the time when you really get a sense for which teams have that drive and grit to make it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Minnesota, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Los Angeles are all fighting for their spot. If last nights game between Winnipeg and Vancouver was any indication, these next two weeks are sure to bring some great hockey. At this point I think its anyones spot, and it’ll be interesting to see how which teams grab those final spots in the west. One thing is for sure, for these five teams the next two weeks are crucial in extending the season.

I don’t know if it’s just me but getting a glimpse of spring in these past few weeks has gotten me far too excited for April. Let’s be honest, everything gets better in April, when the weather gets warmer, and the playoffs begin.

San Jose, CA during the playoffs (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images).

San Jose, CA during the playoffs (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images).

All That Yoga in an App

Photo from

Photo from

Take a look at these people. These happy people are Moksha Yoga users… or so Moksha Yoga wants you to believe, and hey I buy it. This picture is the inviting opening image that pops up on your mobile screen as you load the Moksha Hot Yoga app. I am the type of person that likes to stick to a schedule when it comes to exercise, school and work. This app allows me to look at my schedule for the upcoming week and find times where there are classes that I can attend.

The Features

Photo from

Photo from

Because Moksha Yoga is a membership yoga studio the app takes in all the information that the studio has. You can keep track of the classes you have attended, know how many classes you have remaining on your pass, and know when your membership expires. Here’s a quick walk through (or vinyasa if you will) of the app itself. The app shows you the up to date schedules in your area. When you get the app it requires you to enter in your region. It also shows you when specific classes are offered (ex. hot flow or barre class), and tells you who will be teaching that day. For myself and I’m sure most people who go to Moksha Yoga Winnipeg everyone has their favourite teachers, it’s like school. From there you can book upcoming classes, and if certain classes are full you can also sign up to be on the wait list. If you are put on the wait list they will notify you if a spot opens up in the class. Having all this on your smartphone… essential. You can also make purchases on the app for membership. The app saves you the time to actually go to the studio or take out your laptop and complete everything online.

The Best Part

The app keeps you constantly updated on new things going on at the studio. Usually this isn’t something I care too much about, I get a monthly email that usually goes straight to junk mail about updates at the studio. By having this information on my phone however, it allows me to find out when there are discounts on memberships and gear at the studio.

The convenience that this app allows is genius. If I could book time at the gym for specific machines, well I probably would. When I go to work out often I only have a specific window of time to do so, having classes and workouts planned out at the beginning of the week just helps my week run smoother. If your a member at Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, check out their app on iTunes, you’d be surprised as to how zen of an experience it is booking a yoga class straight from your phone.

The Power of Words

In the past two weeks I have seen two instances where writing has shown impact in hockey. Instance one, a letter. The letter I am talking about is the one Jordan Leopold’s daughter wrote to the Minnesota Wild. Nothing cuter than a daughter trying to convince a team to sign her dad so he can be with her more often. The cutest part? Probably the fact that Jordan Leopold got traded to Minnesota on Monday before the trade deadline. But what I want to talk about, is instance number 2, when a little girl raised her powerful sign at a Winnipeg Jets game. The local story that touched the hearts of many Winnipeggers. The extraordinary story of Alyx Delaloye.

Photo from the Winnipeg Sun.

Alyx Delaloye at the Winnipeg Jets game on February 24, 2015. Photo from the Winnipeg Sun.

The seven year old girl held up her sign at the Winnipeg Jets game on February 24th, the sign read “Chemo by day… Jet’s by night.” What was remarkable was how everyone stopped to acknowledge this amazing young girl. As she stood up holding her sign with the help of her mom, the entire arena stopped focussing on the game and instead focused on something more important. All the players on the ice stopped as they were about to face off, and players on the benches began to bang their sticks against the boards. It was one of those moments that send shivers up your spine and tears in your eyes. In comparison it was about as amazing as watching your favourite team score a big goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And everyone in Winnipeg who saw this little girl agreed. After that, it was like a ripple effect. Ace Burpee, local radio host, reached out to the the family and on the following Friday held “Alyx’s All Request Super Fun Friday Pay 2 Play!”. Every song request made was accompanied with a donation of $103.00, every cent of that going to Alyx and her family. Many players on the Winnipeg Jets also reached out to the family. I think that the power of a moment like this is something that cannot be put into words. The power of an amazing play during a big game is one thing, but the power of a community coming together for one little girl is something else. What was the best part though was something that happened during the Jets game on Sunday. A little boy who had gotten a stick from defence-man, Tyler Myers, after the three stars of the game. The boy ran up the stairs from his seat to give the stick to Alyx. To watch a young boy do something so kind was just a great thing to see. Rare moments like these, when a community comes together to help a young girl who is fighting leukemia are moments that should never be forgotten.  Alyx, you are one amazing girl. It is moments like these where we temporarily forget about a score, or standings or a fight, and focus on something much more important. The power of words, are much bigger than any hockey game.

Winnipeg Jets players posing with Alyx and her family in the Jets dressing room. Photo taken from

Winnipeg Jets players posing with Alyx and her family in the Jets dressing room. Photo from